My Recommended SEO Tools

Since everyone’s always asking in my YouTube comments, here’s a list of SEO tools I use and recommend.

Some (not all) links here are affiliate links, and I can earn a commission if you make a purchase. I figure if I’m giving these companies free promo all day every day, I should at least try to get paid for it. If you don’t want to support me, just visit the website directly instead of clicking. I still recommend them!

All-Around SEO Tools:

1. Ahrefs: My SEO tool of choice for backlinks, competitor research, keyword research, etc. BUT, it’s expensive, and many are unhappy with constant price increases and usage limits.

2. Semrush: Cheaper than Ahrefs and without usage limits. A direct competitor and a very robust tool. Not quite as good at some things (backlinks), but maybe better at others (keywords). Great alternative to Ahrefs if you’re looking for a serious tool.

3. Clicks: By far the cheapest option I’ve found. It’s not as robust as Ahrefs or Semrush, but it’s great for those on a budget who still need to invest in a solid SEO tool. The creator is a boss, and they’ve got a ton more on the way.


Content Optimization Tools:

1. SurferSEO: My most-used content tool, but also the most expensive. Great tool for getting your content on point with related keywords, article length, competitor analysis, etc. Some AI options include an article writer and auto-optimizer.

2. Page Optimizer Pro: Also a very good tool, and quite a bit cheaper than Surfer if you’re looking for an alternative. Made by the one and only Kyle Roof. Seems like they are putting a lot of effort into improvements these days!

3. NeuronWriter: The cheapest of the bunch. They also have a lifetime deal, which is an INSANE value. Not sure how much longer the lifetime deal will be available! Does a lot of the same stuff as Surfer (and even looks similar).


Google Chrome Plugins:

1. Ahrefs Toolbar (Paid): Great for doing SERP based research, but requires Ahrefs subscription.

2. Mozbar (Free): Same as Ahrefs Toolbar but uses Moz metrics, so not as good. But it’s free!

3. Detailed (Free): See things like titles, headings, links, schema, extra PAA on Google, etc. Awesome!

4. Grammarly (Free/Paid): I never write anything without it. I use the paid version, and it can be great for your writers’ SOPs too. Can’t imagine NOT having this tool with how many mistakes I make!

5. Loom (Free/Paid): Amazing for recording quick screen share videos to share with your team, create SOPs, etc. I use the paid version.

6. Fonts Ninja (Free): Cool for stealing a website’s design by seeing fonts, text sizes, etc.

7. Link Grabber (Free): Grab all links on a page and export them to an Excel file.


Link Building Tools:

1. Pitchbox: Expensive, but makes outreach-based link building MUCH easier!

2. Hunter: Much cheaper but much less robust option.


Email Tools:

1. ActiveCampaign: My most-used tool, but pretty expensive.

2. MailerLite: A lot cheaper to get started.


More to come later!

Let me know if there are any tool recommendations you are looking for!